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For me, yoga has been a journey through the ups and downs of life. I came to my first yoga class in my early 20's with my mum. We went along to the studio every week for Iyengar classes and sat in the studio lounge afterwards drinking herbal tea. When I moved away from home I found solace during my lunch breaks in yoga classes at the gym and then trendy studios in London. 

It was when i moved to Surrey and started practicing Vinyasa yoga that i met a teacher who encouraged me to do a teacher training course to further my knowledge (i used to hang around asking her loads of questions at the end of class about the poses, the scriptures, anything to quench my thirst for understanding this vast spiritual ethos). 

I went on to train in Vinyasa and Hatha yoga in 2014, gaining a Yoga Alliance 200 hours certificate. I instantly fell in love with teaching and sharing the many different offerings of yoga. Classes dedicated to the postures and flowing movements, meditation and theory classes. I have since expanded my skills, training with StarChild yoga to teach Kundalini yoga to children and teens, postnatal yoga and meditation teaching. 

I have worked with mental health and older people's charities, care homes, day centres and local schools. All these experiences have shown me the vast reach of yoga... it is for everybody. 


I believe that yoga and the wisdom behind yoga can be accessible and enjoyable for all. Yoga is stimulating and insightful, energising yet grounding and most of all a fun way to get to know your own body and mind. My classses are suitable for all levels and blend vinyasa flow, energy medicine techniques, pranayama and mindfulness.


My background is in science and psychology, having trained as a scientist working in academic and healthcare research for the last 13 years. I apply many of these skills to my yoga training and practice. I’m interested in how the body works on a physical, mental and spiritual level. I offer individual sessions with clients who have certain ailments and want a more therapeutic yoga experience or for beginners who want to learn the basics in a 1-1 environment.




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