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Yoga is a practice that has wide ranging benefits for children and teenagers:

  • improve concentration

  • build sensory-motor skills

  • gain strength and flexibility 

  • helps relieve anxiety

  • encourages creativity and self-expression

  • boosts self esteem

  • increases confidence

  • encourages awareness of others


The yoga classes that I offer allow children to connect to themselves through physical means (moving their bodies) and through meditation/relaxation and contemplative exercises

(gratitude, kindness, self-esteem).

I have trained to teach Kundalini yoga for children –

the yoga of awareness. Yoga is perfectly suited to children of all ages and they engage naturally in the songs, chants and yoga postures. There is a sense of magic, mystery and playfulness to every class.


The classes are structured around a theme and whilst there is an element of planning, the flow and pace is led by the children themselves. This allows them to be creative, to express

themselves fully. It also allows them to harness their energy on the day whether this is fiery or mellow! Instruction and support is provided by the teacher to ensure that yoga postures

are performed safely.


Children are able to play, earn and develop a sense of intuition and trust in their own minds & bodies.

"I thought it was brilliant!  Considering she had 60 Year 6 children at the end of a very long day, she had great control over them - they all joined in with everything and seemed to genuinely enjoy it.​" Year 6 Teacher Holy Trinity Primary, Wimbledon


"I thought it was brilliant - such a nice way to relax and expose the children to something new. They really enjoyed it and we had a lovely calm afternoon session following it!​

Would be great to have a staff session sometime!" Year 5 Teacher Holy Trinity Primary, Wimbledon


"It really makes you concentrate on your body." Year 1 child

Typical prices for yoga in schools 

After School/ Lunch/ Breakfast Clubs – Children age 5-8 years 45mins class £6.50 per child per class. Children age 9-12 years 45 mins class £6.50 per child per class. Teenagers (13+) 60 mins class £8 per child per class. Minimum class sizes  of 8 children apply to run yoga clubs and each club runs for a school term.


Timetabled Yoga (during the school day) - Children age 5-8 years 45mins class £45 per session. Children age 9-12 years 45 mins class £45 per session. Teenagers (13+) 60 mins class £55 per session.


Single Yoga and Mindfulness Workshops – 1 hour £55 per session, 90 mins £75 per session.


Teachers Yoga Classes (time for you to stretch and relax!) – 75 mins £50 per session or £6 per person per class (minimum class size of 6)


Contact me to discuss your requirements.


Research Links: A systematic review of yoga based interventions in schools showing improvements in mood, attention and cognitive ability. A resource for studies carried out on yoga and mindfulness in schools

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